Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making some progress

So Fathers Day was a bit stressful this year. Everything was going great until after breakfast. My father did have to go immediately to the hospital from breakfast and yesterday he was released. They ran a series of test, 6-8 different Doctors all with different opinions and so like any trial we kinda just ruled most of them out and went with our primary doctor who knows our history and who we trust to do the right thing. Some doctors actually got pissed off that we didn't take their advice after them only knowing or see my dad for maybe max 30 minutes in all. I don't think so. They did release him with a heart monitor and today he has numerous other appointments throughout the week. They did rule a lot out but we still don't know what's wrong. We just want a diagnosis so that we as a family can go forward with the proper meds. and or care. I feel much more upbeat then I did last week, we are finally going to get to the root of his health problems one way or another. I will be dancing again with my greatest dance partner, my dad.