Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pill Bottle Swap Givers and Getters.

pill bottle swap 010
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These are some of the swaps that our Ravelry group ADHD KNITTERS have swapped from last month. We just finished up the end of the swap, so we are getting ready to move on to our next activity.


june 025
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Adhd pill bottle swap


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Pill Bottle Swap from the girls

ADHD Pill Bottle Swap - Spring 08

pill bottle 001

pill bottle 001
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ADHD Pill Bottle Swap for my Pal

adhd Pill Bottle Swap Haul

adhd Pill Bottle Swap Haul
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Pill Bottle Swap 08-06-21 025

These are some of the swaps from ADHD Knitters PILL BOTTLE SWAP exchange.


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This is one of my favorite photos ever. I just love how all the pieces just come together.