Thursday, July 3, 2008



This is Shadow doing what he does best. Now you see why he needs to cover up. Shadows Measurements: 1. HEAD-BUTT-17" 2. NECK-BUTT-14" 3. NECK WIDTH-7 1/2" 4. TOP OF NECK IN FRONT-CHEST-4" 5. BODY WIDTH-11 1/2"-12" 6. WEIGHT-5 LBS.4 OZ
OK HERE WE GO AGAIN “My Pussy Needs Some Hair” contest. (mohair that is) Actually any yarn will do. Remember it is going to be worn by animals so acrylic is most likely the best choice.
Calm down: The Pussy we’re referring too, is Shadow (my hairless cat). Scared ya, didn’t I.
All items that are knitted or crocheted will be donated to a local animal shelter after we pick the winner.
We are only going to have one winner this time. (Possible more, depending on the amount of entries)
The amount of yarn I send will depend on how many people sign up for the contest. The more entry’s the bigger the prize will be.
The winning yarn will start at $100.00 worth of yarn.
Everyone will have to mail their entries to the address that will be posted at the end of the contest and the ADHD KNITTER staff will carefully pick out the Best of the Best outfit for Shadow.
Shadow will be trying on each and every entry that is sent and I will post a picture of all photos to our site. (He thinks he was chosen to do a spread in "CAT FANCY" magizine. I'm bad:)
So please add your name to this post if you are going to participate in our latest upcoming contest.
Remember this is all in the name of fun and never meant to offend anyone. I sometimes come off strong, but my heart is always in the right place.
Now start adding those names to this post: "Because my Pussy Needs Hair"