Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

This month has been a bit of a sticker. So next month I hope to revive myself and post daily again. Till then or maybe before. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


OK, so I have been to see my wonderful doctor. I had a complete work up, EKG, urine and full blood screening for who knows what. My blood pressure was high for the first time ever. I know those who know me find that hard to believe. That is that my blood pressure has never been high before, but it hasn't. Found out that I have a urinary tract infection which completely surprised me, no symptoms are present that I am aware of. Got med's for that. Took a bucket full of all my medications that I am currently on and she did some re-evaluating and took me off some of them and put me on some new ones. She is not the doctor who originally put me on these med's to begin with. It was my neurologist. I am canceling him out, I have realized there have been many errors made in my medication management that are and could of been if I continued to stay on them very detrimental to my life as a whole. I think, I know part of what I have been going through had to do with the enormous amounts of med's that were being mixed and combined inharmoniously throughout every vein in my body. No chance to even harmonize a simple ballet. I am sure of one thing, I am in the right medical hands from this moment on.


I have a doctor's appointment today that can and will be life altering, hopefully. I cannot continue to go on this way in my life. The depression is off the charts and the med's are immense. I am on every type of medication available for DEPRESSION, TOURETTES, ADHD, and even things I have not yet been diagnosed with. You would think that I would be happy by now. I hate complaining and I am not in any way shape or form looking or seeking for your sympathy. I hate sympathy. I think it is pathetic. Especially when there are so many others out there in dyer straights. I know that there is hope for me. I feel so blah. I can't even think forward. I don't have a creative bone in my body and everything I attempt to create, fails miserably. I lost that UMP. I am sad that I feel so sad, I am unsure why. If I could just get my finger on where all this is going maybe I could appreciate the reasons for this stage in my life. I have every reason to feel blessed. The blessed list outweighs the doom feeling I have yet here I am feeling like a lost soul in a sea of total confusion. I will find my way, I always do. I think this is the first time I have ever actually blogged about my depression so candidly. I will see how things go today. My appointment is at 2:00 with my GP. I love her and know she is on track with the who, what, and why, I am who I am. Fixing it is just not that easy. Till then. Fingers crossed and tears held back until I open my mouth at my doctors office.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


OK, so I'm not feeling 100%, but I am feeling much better. I am in the de-funking stage. I actually felt the best I've felt this whole week. Getting all my knitting done and the ornaments and swap package all finished on time for once. I will post pictures of what I am making after I send it out, it's a secret. We aren't letting our swappettes know who is sending the gifts. I love secret swaps the best. I love the stalking part. You can really learn a lot about a person through their posts, pictures, etc. Muwahhhhhhhh

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We Got The FUNK...

Yes it got me, YUCK, I feel like total crap. The one time I left my house, wouldn't you know, it found me. It hit me like a brick wall. I knew the second that my throat started having that cutting feeling that I had been GOTTEN. I feel so vulnerable and weak. I guess I shouldn't complain it could be worse it could be H1N1 better known as the SWINE FLU. So I'll just have to sit here and knit until I feel better. SIGH

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Holidays are at my back door...

Me in November 2009
Originally uploaded by adhdknitter

Whatever you celebrate is irrelevant, the holidays are upon us whether your ready or not. I say the same thing every year, "I'm gonna get everything done on time this year". It never happens, but the thought is there. I have so many gifts to make for my friends and family. I have so many ideas swirling around my head. I know everyone is busy and some more then others but this is the time of year to kinda look back on what worked for you this year and what didn't. I like to review my life at this time each year. Not like a report card, but kinda like a self help reflection period. It is important to take time to feel, smell, touch, see and yes hear that little (BIG) voice in your head and listen for once. So just for the sake of the holiday, give yourself the gift of you, just you. Your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, who knows they may be coming true right under your nose.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meatloaf Hand

Not my idea but I have to share this with you all before Halloween ends tonight at 12:00 midnight. 

This is something only someone with a brilliant mind could think up. Here is the link if you dare to prepare...Muwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Friday, October 30, 2009


adhd knitters ornament swap
Just one last swap for this year. With the holidays upon us, were all really busy. So I thought we should do our “2nd Annual Ornament Swap”. Last years swap was wonderful and we all have beautiful handmade ornaments to place on our trees or around our homes. I will need at least 2 Mod’s to sign up to organize this swap. Hopefully this will be a big one. I hope all who are excited about the holidays no matter what they celebrate, sign up to spread the joy. Hugs, Gail 
Sign ups will close next Friday Nov. 6.

Partners will be assigned Saturday Nov 7.

This will be a secret swap so any questions you may have for your partner, please pm me and I will forward the questions along.

Packages need to be sent out no later than **Nov 30**
ornament swap 2008
ornaments for swapadhd knitters ornament swap ornaments for swap
ornament for adhd knitters swapornamentsornament swap 2008

Next year will be full of wonderful swaps.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We’re trying to push this video viral today on You Tube… it’s pretty funny and we could use your help… please forward it to anyone you feel comfortable sending it to…
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Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi, its the madmonkeyknitter here and its time to properly launch my website From now until 9.00 a.m. on 10th November 2009 I’m giving you a chance to win pdf downloads of ALL THE KNITTING PATTERNS ON MY WEBSITE! Thats 27 totally mad knitting patterns. All you have to do is visit the LAUNCH page at and guess how much wool it took to make my madmonkeytastic gorilla suit.
There’s also a launch special offer where you can buy pdf downloads of any 2 of my knitting patterns for just £3 until the end of November 2009.
Please enter the competition and have a look at my website while you’re there.madmonkeyknitter.

Here are some of the patterns you can win:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Hammertime

Nail is still being born,
so let’s give him some room. 
He’s got some bad habits.  
He’s been a bad, bad boy.

Back to the Clogs

I realize now why ADHD BOY wanted me to knit him clogs. He wanted to be able to slide across our floors like a ban gee. He couldn't wait for his clogs to dry for better slip and sliding power. This kid is hilarious. Not only does he slide across our floors but he does what I call trick sliding. He actually does twists and turns in the slide actions. This sounds crazy, but I must admit he is having a blast. Now to finish ADD BOY'S clogs. I'm sure he'll get in on the action when his are finished.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wreath Addiction

Today it was all about wreath's. I just got started and I couldn't stop. I love making these festive treasures. They can be shown in many different ways and used for many different holidays, simply by adding the proper embellishment for the season at hand. Here are just a couple that I made this afternoon using the bouquet of flowers that my mom received for her birthday yesterday. I also used things that I had laying around my house. The results are impressive and the final outcome is rewarding.

My Gorgeous amazing mom

Yesterday was my mom's 71st birthday and I must tell you that this women is getting more beautiful by the day. Mom I love you forever. You have and still continue to be the most awesome mom ever. I love you with all my heart.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shoe makers shoes...

You know the old saying about the shoemakers shoes with holes in it. I have been making clogs for two of my sons this week and boy is this taking me forever. I used to whip these clogs out by the day. Now it seems as if I am in slow mode and visualization is failing me lately. I have completed Rands clogs and he is so happy with them, now I am knitting Ricco's two at a time method. Does it really make a difference, I don't think so, but at least they will both be done at the same time. I have taken pictures of the progress, how boring is that. Oh and might I add that they both wear a size 13 shoe, so hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe I am not as slow as I thought. Will hopefully be finished with the clogs today. I know Nico is probably going to see them and want a pair as well. Size 13 here I come.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Boiled rotten is just a fun play on words for boiled felt. I love felted anything. Especially if it was on purpose. Here are some of the newest pieces I have designed for my line of jewelry made with boiled felt. I have been working on these pieces in slow motion. I enjoy using all my leftover pieces of scrap felt to design my pieces. Tutorial coming.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Head Bang-er

I designed the HEAD BANG-ER with the 70's in mind. Fads come and go. Head gear never completely goes out of style, just the way we wear them. So hopefully I have come up with a fun way to wear this headgear that will never go out of style. I hope you find this a unique way to keep your bangs under control with my latest design HEAD BANG-ER.

What you'll need will vary slightly depending on which variation of the headband you are going to make. There are 3 different styles/versions to this headband. The size will be determined by who you are making this headband for. Another words, the size of the head.
*The pattern given is the instructions for the standard adult size headband.

What you'll need:
4 US and 9 US straights or circulars, *5 Double pointed needles 4 US (DPN's) If you are doing the pick up stitches on both ends to create a wider tie on. Otherwise 2 Double pointed needles 4 US are needed for simple I-cords.
Yarn used is whichever you choose that will suit your taste. Gauge is not really an issue with this pattern.
*I used Comfort yarn for the MC and Fjord yarn for the CC.
Darning needle
*Elastic "ouch less" bands. These are needed for method #2
*T-pins or straight pins for seaming.
Here's How:
With US 4 and Contrasting Color (CC)
Cast on 7 stitches. (Making sure to leave a long enough tail for seaming your headband)

  1. Knit
  2. Knit
  3. Knit
  4. Knit
Change to US 9 needles and Main Color (MC) *DO NOT CUT THE CC YARN. You are going to run the yarn not in use up the RS edge throughout the pattern. Making sure to twist color not in use over the color in use.
       5. Knit into f,b&f of every stitch. (21 sts.)
       6. *P1, k3 rep from * ending with p1.
       7. *K1, p3 rep from * ending with k1.
       8-12 Repeat rows 6 and 7, ending on WS row.
 Change back to US 4 and CC.
       13. K3tog to end. (7 sts.)
       14-16 Knit
Repeat rows 5-16 another 4 times more, or until desired length. On the last repeat, make sure to knit 4 rows as in rows 1-4 in the beginning. Bind off.

Blocking can be done simply by spraying your headband with a water bottle or using a damp towel and placing it over the headband.
 Seaming is an option.
I have 3 different variations for this headband:

  1. Leaving it open without seaming the headband together horizontally. If you are going to use this method, you are then going to pick up stitches at both ends to make your I-cord ties. With 2 DPN's and CC pick up 3 sts. evenly on both ends of headband. Work i-cord until you achieve the desired length, that would be the length long enough to tie your headband together in the back.
  2. Seaming it together horizontally. With your large rubber (ouch less) band, lay it inside the headband horizontally and pin the CO and BO ends together. Now with the MC yarn seam the headband together making sure not to catch the rubber band when sewing. Sew in any loose ends and your done.
  3. Seaming your headband together as if you knit it in the round. If you do this method, make sure you have made it large enough to join and still fit your head.

  Pattern Tester
I'd like to thank Tracey McDowell for her professionalism in test knitting the Head Bang-er pattern. Her skills as a test knitter are second to none.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grid Rock

Grid Rocks are a rebirth of my “Your Panties Rock”. Just another way to embellish and redo something old to something new. 

  1. "Your Panties Rock" rocks. Pattern here:
  2. Fishnet Stockings
  3. Felting needles *felt puncher (optional)
  4. Roven wool *any color/colors you desire
  5. Scissors
  1. Take your rocks one at a time and slip them into the stocking, making sure to place them all the way down to the foot area if you are making more then a couple of Grid Rocks. After each rock tie the stockings around each individual rock.
  2. When all the rocks are tied and secure, place the stocking filled rocks into your washing machine on the hottest cycle you have, you may need to repeat the wash cycle more then once. When you are satisfied with your results make sure to complete the spin cycle to get all the excess water out.
  3. Cut the rocks out of the stockings, being careful not to cut away the grid. If you only want the grid on one side then pull the grid off the side like least. Use your scissors to trim excess stocking away.
  4. Lay your rocks outside in a sunny are with the concrete for quicker drying power. The cement absorbs the moisture quicker.
  5. When your rocks are completely dry, it is now time to design.
  6. Depending on your design, start off with a small peas size amount of wool and roll between your hands, to create a pea size ball. Then place wool over your first grid square and with felting needle start poking away. Being careful not to poke yourself. They are sharp little boogers.
  7. When you have completed all the squares, take your felting punch and punch away. It makes the wool more secure and stable.
  8. I then take my Grid Rocks and with some liquid soap and hot hot water I soak them in a bowl for an hour or so.
  9. Take your Grid rocks out of bowl and trim the excess wool to refine your squares. You can now press on them to remove the excess water out and then once again repeat Step 4 again.
  10. The options to decorate are endless.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Did I ever mention that I got married on October 31, 1987?

I also got divorced, (that date seems to escape me right now). LOL I thought it would be fun for whoever wants to join in and knit up your version of the “My Ex” bag to use for Trick or Treating. Sign up if you dare. Muwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
You can sign up on Ravelry or here. My Ravelry group is: ADHD KNITTING



  • 2 BALLS OF FJORD YARN IN TWO DIFFERENT COLORS (SKIN COLOR, HAIR COLOR), YOUR CHOICE. This yarn is amazing, it felts with just a little bit of hot soapy water and some hand rubbing.
Here’ the PayPal information:

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Go here for the "IT'S CURTAINS" tutorial, pattern is on this page.
I took an old shower curtain and cut it into long strips going with the flow of the grain and then tied them all together to create a wonderful ball of fantastic fiber. I am now going to attempt to knit this into a bag.
Yarns suggested
Plastic Shower Curtain
Thanks to someone with the capacity to utilize the left side of their brain sent this post to me:
Would this be a good time to mention that if you had cut within an inch or two of the side going from left to right, then cut an inch higher going from right to left to within an inch or two of the other side, then repeat going in a zig zag across the curtain to the end, you might end up with a continuous strip of plastic curtain?
This from another smart left thinking person:
The shower curtain, whether new or used, would be easier to lay out; with a good rotary cutter, one could fold and cut it with fewer passes.*
I took an old shower curtain and cut it into long strips going with the flow of the grain and then tied them all together to create a wonderful ball of fantastic fiber. I am now going to attempt to knit this into a bag.
Make sure no one is taking a shower when you decide to reuse your shower curtain.

DISCLAIMER: I know this is not a new idea, but the plastic bags don’t usually come in all these great colors and the prep work when using a shower curtain is much less time consuming. The results are virtually the same. Hugs, Gail
  1. 3 shower curtains or plastic tablecloths. (Fabric of either two will work as well)  two for knitting and one for the lining, depending on the size you are going to make your bag.
  2. scissors
  3. powder
  4. US 11 straights and US 13 circular knitting needles
  5. darning needle
  6. 1 stitch marker
  7. You will need to add straps one or two is totally up to you.
  8. grommets
With US 11 straight needles CO 50 stitches
  • Rows 1-10 Knit stockinette stitch. (Knit one row, purl next row, continue until you have 10 rows in all.)
  • Then you are going to change to your US 13 circular needles and pick up approx 100 stitches working from your stitch marker, P/U stitches completely around the base, which is now going to be the bottom of your bag.
  • When you have all your stitches picked up you are going to join as to work in the round. Continuing in stockinette stitch for approx  10"-12" depending on how big you want your shower curtain bag to be. Or depending how much shower curtain yarn you have. 
  • Once you have knit your desired length and or size of your bag BO all your stitches. 
  • Now for the top portion of your shower curtain bag you can use the top portion of the shower curtain that usually has grommets. That way you can make a drawstring closure for that extra touch. 
  • Straps can be made using the same technique as your bag or you can add whatever type of strap you please. 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bed Bugs, and Head Bugs

Pattern on it's way. Boo!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breast Cancer "Be" Awareness Month

My hopes and prayers go out to all the women and men in our world who are afflicted, know someone or has lost someone from this dreaded disease. 

Rx: “Booby Trap”
Difficulty: Medium
Use With: 2 balls of Fjord yarn (in your skin color), 2 shades of Roving Wool (one color for areola and one color for the nipples),
Special Items Needed: Needle felting needle, nipple ring(s)
Special Techniques: knitting in the round, decreasing, crochet, felting
Don’t touch your boobs without the right equipment! For only $45, ADHD Knitting is offering the “Booby Trap” KIT which includes everything you need for a great set of boobs! $1 of each “Booby Trap” kit sold will be donated to breast cancer research.
1. Pattern
2. 2 balls of FJORD yarn in your choice of “skin” color. Click on the
“Fjord” yarn section of my Etsy store to choose your color.
3. 2 nipple rings
4. 2 colors roving yarn to make the areola and the nipple. (Your color
5. Needle felting needle
Directions: You will make 2 boobs exactly the same.
CO 82 sts. and join (making sure not to have any of your sts twisted) to work in the round. Make sure that you place a SM (stitch marker) at the beginning of the round.
If using DPNs, separate the 82 sts evenly onto 4 of the DPNs.
Rounds 1-6: Knit (Working in the round, knitting every round of stitches results in stockinette stitch.)
Round 7 (decrease round): K8, K2tog to end of round (72 sts) Rounds 8-12: Knit
Round 13 (decrease round): K7, K2tog to end of round (64 sts) Rounds 14-17: Knit
Round 18 (decrease round): K6, K2tog to end of round (56 sts) Rounds 19-21: Knit
Round 22 (decrease round): K5, K2tog to end of round (48 sts) Rounds 23 & 24: Knit
Round 25 (decrease round): K4, K2tog to end of round (40 sts) Rounds 26, 28, 30 & 32: Knit
Round 27 (decrease round): K3, K2tog to end of round (32 sts)
Round 29 (decrease round): K2, K2tog to end of round (24 sts) Round 31 (decrease round): K1, K2tog to end of round (16 sts)
Round 33 (decrease round): K2tog to end of round (8 sts remain)
Leaving a 4"-6" tail, cut yarn and with a darning needle weave the tail through the 8 remaining stitches making sure to repeat until the stitches are secure. Cut the remaining tail.
Page: 1/2
Design, original pattern, and sample by Gail Pasqualotto. Pattern editor Heather James.
2 Sets 16” US10 1/2
K-10 1/2
Set of 5 Size: US10 1/2
Make sure you leave 4"-6" of tail on both ends of chain sts.
With your crochet hook, holding 2 strands of yarn together Ch. 60sts.
Make sure you leave 4"-6" of tail on both ends of chain sts.
With your crochet hook, holding 2 strands of yarn together Ch. 80 sts.
When you are pleased with the sizing (shrinking boobies), it is time to kinda play with
your boobs. Make sure to squeeze them thoroughly. (We don't want them drippy now,
do we?)
Take your “boobs” and placed them over your boobs so that you can eyeball where to
place your straps. When you are happy with strap placement, sew them securely onto
the felted boobs. You can now wet felt the straps by hand with just a little bit of warm/
hot water and some liquid soap.
Time to needle felt the girls...with your roving wool, needle felting needle, and the color
you have chosen for the areola, begin making a small circle right directly onto the felted
boob. It is up to you to choose the size you would like for the areola. When that is done,
it is now time to needle felt your nipples (ouch). Take the color
for the nipple (contrasting color, if that is what you nipples
look like - I used a lighter color for my nipple. It stands out
better - pun intended.) To make the nipple you just make a
tiny little bead like size ball with the roving wool. I just added
the roving right onto the areola and then started to make it 3D
and is kind-of like making a bobble, but out of roving
After both boobs are knit, seam them together by placing a
small portion of each boob’s right side together and seam
approximately an inch or two together.
You can also add your own tattoos, preferably the pink logo
for breast cancer, but anything is great.
( Oh sorry, you don't have to do that. That is just what I
If you chose to go in public wearing your "BOOBY TRAP" you are responsible
for bailing yourself out of jail and all said fines that follow.
Please be sure and have a camera or video camera with you at all times if you
decide to do the above. We would love to see the reactions you get…
Follow my blog at
Design, original pattern, and sample by Gail Pasqualotto. Pattern editor Heather James. Page: 2/2

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Carrot Necklace

One carrot necklace
Originally uploaded by STRJKTKNITTING

Pattern from
This is a fun way to show off to your friends how many Carrot’s you have on your necklace, rings, bracelets or earrings.  I have the cutest little tinniest, tiniest carrots made to use as baguettes to go around my One Carrot necklace. I will post pics later.

What you’ll need to create your own Carrot jewelry:
  • needle felting needle
  • roving wool (orange and green)
  • jump ring (I used an orange jump ring to match)
  • chain or anything to hang your carrot onto.
  • Styrofoam pad or needle felting pad.
  • If you are making a ring, bracelet or earrings, then you will need the appropriate hardware for that.
Here's how:
  • With your orange color roving wool and your needle felting needle, take a small amount of wool and roll in between the palms of your hand to create a worm like shape. Size is completely a matter of preference and what piece of jewelry you are going to make.
  • Then with a small Styrofoam pad and your felting needle you are going to start to form the shape of a carrot, easily done by starting at the thickest end and narrowing it down to the bottom, making sure to poke it until it is completely felted. 
  • Then with the green roving wool and the needle, add the topper to the carrot by simply poking it into the top of the carrot to join.  
  • *You can add leaves or a vine and use the vine as the necklace part.
  • Then add your jump ring through the middle of the green top and place onto a piece of leather or chain or whatever you choose. 
  • Make a One Carrot piece of jewelry or as many Carrots as you like.  

 This was a post I received from one of our Ravelry members regarding the pattern.

From: KnittingSM
12:09 PM

re: KnittingSM commented on your One Carrot Necklace
Sent at 12:01 PM Today
Brilliantly funny. It was the day before Thanksgiving and they were getting some last minute supplies. They are both in the produce section and he calls out “Baby, do we need some carrots?”
She: “No, we’ve got them.” (not looking up)
He: “Baby, how about we get some carrots?”
She: “Aaron, I already told you we have them!” (still not looking up)
He: “baby, how about a half carrot?”
Finally looks up to see the ring, starts crying. The manager came over worried about what was going on. My brother “We just got engaged in your produce section!!” manager gave them a bouquet of flowers as congrats.
I’ll have to keep the necklace in mind if you post a pattern. I think she’d love one.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pass the Jeans Please

PTJPPTJPArtfelt needle felting

I am also including this little cool photo/note combo piece so each person that the jeans are passed to next will write something in it of why/what they did on the jeans and a quick picture of them next to the jean, or in the jeans or on top of them whatever.

I thought this would be fun… Here it goes…I am going to take a pair of plain jeans and I am going to mail them to who ever signs up for this experiment. The idea is for each person that receives the jeans, to either embroider, sew, bead, paint, iron, quilt, needle felt, design, etc. something onto the jeans and then mail them onto the next person on the list. You can keep the jeans anywhere from 1-3 day’s to create your design idea…Then mail them on to the next person on the list, and sew on and sew on.  All in fun…If this is a successful Pass-Along then anyone who has participated in this project will be on the list to send the next pair of their jeans…
Here are some ideas…
My Embellished ADHD pants.mooembellished jeans