Friday, June 27, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Gettin a lot done around here.

Trying not to fall behind. That is something that I am really good at. Our group is just finishing up our "PILL BOTTLE SWAP" and it has been great. All the pics. are posted or being posted on our Ravelry group ADHD KNITTERS at: So if you want to see what some of the bottles and gifts look like, check it out or you can go to Flickr at: and check the pictures out there. Hope to get going on our next contest. "Naked Pussy Needs Some Hair" contest. Details will be posted soon.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The ants go marching one by one HORRAH HORRAH

Ok here is something that I captured today walking to my parents house. The ants are more exciting then me.
Do you think they have ADHD?

It's been a couple days...

Haven't written in a few days now. The latest and greatest news to date is that my Dad is doing much better. His doctor as taken him off one of his meds and lowered the dose of the other. He is feeling a lot stronger then before. Yay, Daddy. I have been busy doing nothing, literally being as lazy as can be. I haven't even knitted this whole week. I need to get my butt in gear. It has been so hot here. (Hotter then usual) The air conditioner is working overtime. This is all I have for now. Just didn't want to fall to far behind in my postings. Note to myself.

Friday, June 20, 2008

It Arrived.

I just received my Pill Bottle Swap bag of goodies. I felt like a schoolgirl waiting for my Teen magizines to arrive. I didn't even wait to get into my house to open my bag of awesomeness. I loved everything that Ladybug, Butterfly and Kenyetta made and bought for me. They are great swappers and so talented too. I have posted all the items on my Flickr and Ravelry site as well. Yay I love, love, love it all. Thanks to the Girls. Hugs

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making some progress

So Fathers Day was a bit stressful this year. Everything was going great until after breakfast. My father did have to go immediately to the hospital from breakfast and yesterday he was released. They ran a series of test, 6-8 different Doctors all with different opinions and so like any trial we kinda just ruled most of them out and went with our primary doctor who knows our history and who we trust to do the right thing. Some doctors actually got pissed off that we didn't take their advice after them only knowing or see my dad for maybe max 30 minutes in all. I don't think so. They did release him with a heart monitor and today he has numerous other appointments throughout the week. They did rule a lot out but we still don't know what's wrong. We just want a diagnosis so that we as a family can go forward with the proper meds. and or care. I feel much more upbeat then I did last week, we are finally going to get to the root of his health problems one way or another. I will be dancing again with my greatest dance partner, my dad.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Long Day

My Dad is still in the hospital. They are running more tests then you can imagine. We are going to get to the bottom of this. He is feeling a little bit better today, June 17th. We are still waiting for some more of his tests results to come back, and from there we will know what course of action we need to take. My Dad and I will be dancing again.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day, Dad

This is to my Dad.
Dad you are the most amazing man I know.
I have never felt scared, insecure, poor, unwanted, unappreciated, lost or ugly, when I am with you.
You are the first male role model that every daughter should be lucky enough to have.
I was the LUCKY one.
I can't even imagine a more loving, giving, smarter man then you.
You have raised me to be the women I have become, and prepared me to be a great mom to my three sons.
With all that I have learned from you, my boy's will become men, for everything that you taught me I'm passing down to them.
It may not happen right away, they have a ways to go.
But having you as part of them I know I've raised them well.
So give them time and watch them grow into the men that they will be.
Because to follow in your footsteps will be the greatest HONOR for me.
Dad I love you more then you will ever know. You are my Hero, You are my Soul. A gift that I will pass along to raise my son's to men. So the women that they will one day love will love them just like me. The daughters that they may one day have will be as Lucky as me.
Love you Dad, Happy Fathers Day. Me

Saturday, June 14, 2008

One down, two to go...

Well he did it. It, being graduated. Finally, this milestone is behind us. Nico managed to pull this one off by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin. (Damn that's a lot of hair) I know TMI. Anyhow,it was a very proud moment for our family and Nico was glad to get this one over and done with. Yay! So on to newer and broader horizons ( that newer meaning, college, broader being a job, and horizons well you know, REALITY! He is feeling and acting a bit more grown-up (boys are slower to show signs of this maturity thing way before most girl's) and he knows what's expected out of him, well sorta. I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up! For now I'm just letting him chill, that is at least until Monday morning when he has to get up and go job hunting. LOL! I sound way to happy about that part. So here is a picture I took of Nico and his Poppy together after graduation. My dad said it was one of the happiest moments of his life. Me too, well all of us.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School Orientation

OK get this. Tonight was my twin boy's school orientation, you know open house, slide show, Q&A, standing room only, meet the teachers and of course don't blurt anything out of your mouth that comes into your mind. (That would be just Rand and I) So like I said standing room only, planned our whole day around this meeting. Have all our T's crossed and our I's dotted. I took my meds. at the appropriate time, so that by the time we got there I would be just like a normal parent with their kids there, paying attention (NOT paying attention even on my meds.) just like all the other people in there. My mom and I wanted to ask questions but I behaved ,so as to not embarrass my boy's and or myself. So after about an hour of this standing room only parents asking the same questions over and over. My mom says I'll be right back and leaves the boy's and I in this room while she goes to check something out. Well not less then 10 seconds later do we see my mom poking her head into this friggin crowded room mouthing "We're in the wrong room, this is K-8th grade orientation. No wonder my boy's were the biggest kids there. So of course just as were leaving this room to go next store to the High School orientation we hear everyone clapping and thanking the speaker for all the much needed information for the upcoming school year. So as were trying to go in we are being stampeded by all the other parents and students who managed to get to the correct room and have all their questions answered, while my boy's and I just looked around the room we were in making all kinds of comments, talking under our breathe telling people(under our breath, to stop asking the same darn questions over and over. Look at us were in the friggin wrong room. Well after the room for the HS grades finally emptied out we were able to talk to the speaker and tell him that we are the ADHD family that missed the orientation because we were in the wrong room. I can't believe we missed the entire thing. Oh well, chaulk it up as another day in our ADHD world.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

OK so I skipped a few day's.

I strayed I know. I do have the right to go into a funk. Well anyway, I'm here and I'm winging it. My oldest son is graduating next week. He picked up his cap and gown this week. The little Sh*t(well Big Sh*t) calls me up from picking up his cap and gown and tells me they wouldn't give it to him because he still needed another credit and tells me he has to go to summer school and then hangs up. I call him back immediately with my heart in my throat and I hear him whispering on the phone, Mom I'm just kidding I'm at Mammy's and I tricked her, We wanted to strangle that kid. School wasn't his forte, it was a struggle, but he did manage to pull it off. Mostly due to laziness. He is a great kid (except for that teenage mouth, sometimes) but if the trade off for my kids is OK grades and being a great kid. I'm picking the later. My Dad didn't go past the 8th grade and he retired in his early 30's. Hey all of us aren't school material. The twins made it into High School (yay) they are doing it through virtual home schooling. My mom is basically their teacher. She taught the 4 of us growing up partially through the Calvert Correspondence School. She's awesome and if it weren't for her I know my kids wouldn't have come this far in the school system. So here's to my Mom who is far more then any daughter and grand kids any person could be lucky enough to have. Dad you too, you have been the main male role model in their lives and they love you like a Dad. So too the two of you for being there for me and our kids Thanks forever. Those words don't even come close to how the four of us think and feel for you both. Love ya like you know we do.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Olivia and Me

Even though I felt like crap pretty much all day. I did have a wonderful breakfast with some of my family members. Really, the only true reason I met up with everyone was to see my new niece Olivia. Can't go anywhere without my camera (when I know I'm gonna see Olivia) I know I sound obsessed with her but she is my newest niece and her face is delicious. So here's a picture of the two of us at breakfast. Now do you understand?
breakfast with some of the familyOlivia sticking her tongue out at her Poppy while Mammy is holding her.