Monday, May 11, 2009

R U READY!!! Magic Yarn Ball

The days are getting longer and hotter. That’s right….Summer isn’t far away! And we’re going to celebrate by having a Magic Yarn Ball (MYB) Swap. I am honored to be your hostess for this swap and am looking forward to our all having a wonderful time.

WHAT is a MYB Swap, you ask? It is just like any other swap except this time the goodies are IN THE YARN. It is a gift-filled treasure. Instead of making a little package, full of wonderful little things, you buy a skein, ball, or hank of yarn (50grms if you participate in the $10,$15,$20 a 100grms if you go for the $25). Then, you start rolling it into a ball. As you go, you wind all the little treats up into the ball! You can hide everything, so it’s all a surprise, or you can leave little bits peeking out to offer a taste of what’s to come. Then you ship it off…with the label from the yarn, of course! The goodies you wrap in might include anything from very special single buttons or beads to little sets of stitch markers, tapestry needles, or very special bits of vintage ribbon and fabric. Round toys such as super balls or homemade bottle cap pincushions make excellent centers for starting your ball.

What could be more wonderful a hot summer day than sitting in the shade (or inside in the air conditioning) with YARN, STITCH MARKERS in your favorite COLORS, perhaps a special pattern, and lots of little goodies selected just for you and knitting up something special for yourself?

This is a simple, anonymous swap (you aren’t required to be anonymous but it does make for much fun). You will have one person you will send a “MYB” package tailored just for them, and a different person from whom you should receive a package tailored to you. We will have several cost categories for you to select from. You can make items or add more if you like, but this is not required. Registration for the swap will end on MAY 8th. Additionally, this swap does NOT require that you knit something for your swap partner! As ADHD knitters, we probably all have piles of projects OTN, or headed that way. We don’t wish to add to that “to knit” list by requiring you to knit something for your partner. This swap is more about the supplies to enable us to knit something ourselves (or someone special) and little goodies.

When you receive your package from your swap partner, make sure that you contact them and let them know that the items have arrived safely. ALSO post that you received your package in this thread (and IDEALLY some images to share with us as well…cause who doesn’t love yarn porn?).
If you don’t think you can meet these requirements (those just mentioned as well as meeting shipping dates, etc), please do NOT join the swap. Following these rules are essential for making the swap a pleasant experience for all concerned.

Following are the important swap dates:
Registration Opens: IMMEDIATELY
Registration Closes: MAY 8th
Swap Partner Names Sent: by MAY 11th
Package Postmark Date: Packages must be postmarked by June 5th.

Happy Swapping everyone and thanks for joining us on this!
Hosted by lotusburger and heajames