Saturday, September 12, 2009

Season Clearing House

This is the perfect time of year to pack away the summer and bring on the wooly. That is if you lived any other place but the desert. Although we do have somewhat of a climate change, we are still not hitting those low temps on the thermometers. I have been living in Las Vegas for over three decades now, and I swear I say the same thing every single year, "Is it me, or is it colder this year then it was last year? I think the real answer to that question is, "I am getting older, my bloods getting thinner and so is my skin". I dare not complain though, I would hate to put a damper on our wonderful fall/winter seasons. So the whole point of this story is that when I was going through closets and closets of clothes, I came across things that I hadn't seen in years. I actually found a dress that I loved and hadn't worn in at least 15 years or so. I decide I could really put myself in a great mood or I can sink my battleship. Should I dare try on this dress? I did, it fit, I'm stoked, and that dress ain't goin' anywhere. It is going to hang right there in my closet until another decade or so rolls by. I will post a pic of me in this dress, so you can see what I mean, when I say how pleased I am that the dress still fits.