Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh what a wonderful morning oh what a wonderful day...

So today has been one of my bestest days in about a week. The upgraded meds. are working. I guess my doc realized we needed some med management after I repeated VAGINA about 5 times in his office. He just looked at me and said is that a tic? I said is what a tic? There's your sign! Well it is better then the last word I was hooked on for, oh let's say about a year. I actually left my house today. I had to take Rand to the orthodontist. I sat in the car and crocheted more bullion's. I just can't seem to stop making those darn things. Here's one of the bags I used the crocheted bullion's on. I really love this bag. My girlfriend of over 40 years knitted the original bag out of cashmere. She didn't like the looseness of it. So she asked me to do something with it, and well this is what I did. Oh and by the way she really just wanted me to add a strap. See what happens when you have OCD. She also told me I could groom her dog Roxie when I watched her for about a month. When Stacy returned from Europe poor Roxy was bald. My Sphynx thought it was her sister. Ok enough said.


Kenyetta said...

When I come to Vegas- you have to teach me to crochet!
I am glad you are at a therapeutic level, you had me worried.

adhdknitting said...

can you tell the difference. isn't it amazing how the brain works. you actually witnessed me in my different modes. a little ajustment here a little more there and i'm like the energizer bunny.
thanks for all the love and hugs you always send my way. i will teach you how to crochet,at least what i know how to do so far.