Sunday, May 18, 2008

OK So I'm not the only one who thought of it.

I mean I really thought I was the original thinker thoughter upper of the PILL BOTTLE SWAP. Not true at all. While I was searching my Flickr sites I came upon the most amazing pill bottles decorated with all kinds of unique ideas. Dang. I guess I have to get up pretty early to come up with something original. Well anyhow, we are still going to march on. We are going to create the best pill bottle swaps this land has ever seen. We are going to amaze our swappers and ourselves. We are going to come up with pill bottle ideas that have never and I mean never been done before(can you tell I haven't taken my meds. yet). OK we are going to make awesome bottles filled with awesome swap goodies,what ever we can fit on the inside or the outside of the bottles. I will show you. We will show you with pride all of our pill bottles we've sent and received. So hang in there and wait for our postings.