Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day, Dad

This is to my Dad.
Dad you are the most amazing man I know.
I have never felt scared, insecure, poor, unwanted, unappreciated, lost or ugly, when I am with you.
You are the first male role model that every daughter should be lucky enough to have.
I was the LUCKY one.
I can't even imagine a more loving, giving, smarter man then you.
You have raised me to be the women I have become, and prepared me to be a great mom to my three sons.
With all that I have learned from you, my boy's will become men, for everything that you taught me I'm passing down to them.
It may not happen right away, they have a ways to go.
But having you as part of them I know I've raised them well.
So give them time and watch them grow into the men that they will be.
Because to follow in your footsteps will be the greatest HONOR for me.
Dad I love you more then you will ever know. You are my Hero, You are my Soul. A gift that I will pass along to raise my son's to men. So the women that they will one day love will love them just like me. The daughters that they may one day have will be as Lucky as me.
Love you Dad, Happy Fathers Day. Me


Kenyetta said...

That is beautiful!

adhdknitting said...

Thanks, I am so lucky to have a Dad like him. I wish you could of been that lucky too.