Sunday, April 5, 2009

The "EX" Factor

The "EX" Factor
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The True Missing Link…This project has been extremely interesting. I used the original “MY EX” pattern as a base. I then did all the facial features by needle felting them. I used roven wool for the hair. The ear plugs we’re made by using large size stitch markers (plastic) as a base. I then crocheted them. For the opening of the mouth. I cut a hole. Then I created the mouth, lips and teeth. For the crown around the base of the bag. I took a left over piece of felt and cut it in a long straight piece. Then I cut triangles on the top part. I sewed that to the forehead. I then took more roven wool and completed the hair piece. Braiding three uneven braids in the front. The embellishings are endless. Oh and I almost forgot the barbell nose ring. Now we can’t forget about that…The handle is being made by using the same tecnique I used for the earplugs.

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Ok that's just spooky, lol