Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I’m the proud Aunt of our new baby Olivia. My older brother who we thought would never settle down (he’ll be 50 years old next month, never married, and never had any kids) is gorgeous, wonderful and and an amazing man, found the most amazing, gorgeous wonderful women. Long story short within a year after dating they got married and had a baby all within a 2 year span. Yayyyyyyy for Barry and Angie. Here’s the Pillow/Blanket and poem I wrote and made them for Olivia…

Olivia’s Garden

Soft light brown hummus.
Scattered fertile and sound.
Mature pollen juices seeping down through the ground.
Sunlight now shining pure vitamin D.
Roots sucking moisture from oxygen trees.
The veins from this seed is now starting to grow.
In no time at all will this wildflower show.
The beauty the strength from your touch and your love.
Grew this perfect wildflower named “Olivia”.


Martha said...

Beautiful, so lovely!! Congrats to the new Family!! Health and Happiness Always, Olivia.

adhdknitting said...

thank you martha...

Katidids said...

That is beautiful! Congrats on being an Auntie! Spoil the heck out of them & send them back! LOVE IT! Thanks for stopping in!

adhdknitting said...

thank you all.