Monday, August 17, 2009

My Big Fat Hairy Cacti...

Yarn Fjord color Dk. Green
Mystique White by Knitting Fever
Novelty yarn for Desert Flower *Optional.
Needles 9 US (set of 4 DPN's) You can use the Magic Loop method or 2 circular needles. Whatever feels good to you.
Filler to stuff your cacti.
Darning needle

With your DPN's and MC (Dk. Green) CO 48 sts. dividing them evenly onto 3 needles and join to workin the round.
Round 1-25 Work 4x4 ribbing for 25 rounds.
Rnd 26 Decrease round: K2tog,(staying in pattern) k2, p4, k2tog, rep to end ending with p4.
Rnd 27-30 Follow the pattern evenly as follows. Knit the knits, purl the purls.
Rnd 31 Dec. round: K3, p2tog, p2,rep. to end.
Rnd 32-33 Work in pattern.
Rnd 34 Dec. round: K2, k2tog., p2, rep. to end.
Rnd 35-36 Work in pattern.
Rnd 37 Dec. round: K2, p2tog., p1, rep. to end.
Rnd 38 Work in pattern 2x2 ribbing.*Optional you can add eyelash yarn held together with MC if you would like to add to the topportion.
Rnd 39 Dec. round: K2tog, k1, p2tog, p1, rep. to the end.
Rnd 40 Work in pattern.
Rnd 41 Dec. round: K1, p2tog, k1.
Rnd. 42 Work in pattern.
Rnd 43 Dec. round K2tog to end. (6 sts)
With your darning needle sew through these 6 stitches and gather and seam through to secure thecacti. Cut yarn.
*Optional If you used wool, you can hand felt your cacti to had firmness and stability.
Take your filler and fill your cacti until it is evenly filled.

To cover the bottom of My Big Fat Hairy Cacti:

You will need your DPN's, pick up sts. evenly onto 3 needles. join.
Round 1: Purl
Rnd 2: P2tog to end.
Continue rounds 1 and 2 until you have a few sts. left.
Then with darning needle, sew through remaining stitches and secure.
Cut yarn.


Story Teller said...

Looks real!

adhdknitting said...

Your sweet...Hugs

Martha said...

This is amazing.

adhdknitting said...

Martha, thank you. Not to much to do with a cacti.

Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Love that cactus! And it wouldn't even Stick You!

Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns

adhdknitting said...

Susan thank so much. I love Crystal Palace Yarns.