Friday, September 4, 2009

Famous Chicken Salad, NOT, but damn good chicken salad...

Recipe to my Famous Chicken Salad
Here's what you'll need:
Chicken (whole chicken) or you can just use chicken breasts.
fat-free mayo
garlic salt
*carrots optional for the soup broth when the chicken is cooked.
Here's how:
With a large pot, fill with water and add all the above ingredients except for the mayo. Cover and cook on a low light until the chicken is completely cooked.
Take the chicken out of the pot and put aside until it cools down enough for you to remove all the chicken from the bone.
With a large mixing bowl, add the chicken, meat only, making sure that you have removed all the skin, bones, and gristle.
Of course your hands and your nails should be spotless.
Take your onions and celery and with a grater, grate them on the smallest grate directly into the bowl with the chicken.
Add the seasonings and the mayo.
Here's the most important part, with your hands start to mix the ingredients until the chicken salad is the consistency of a spread. Trust me on this. Then take tin foil or plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for a couple hours to let it cool down and to let all the ingredients ferment. We love to serve on large fresh rolls with lettuce, tomatoes and onions.
The broth is perfect as a side dish with egg noodles to complete this meal.

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