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One Carrot Necklace

One carrot necklace
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This is a fun way to show off to your friends how many Carrot’s you have on your necklace, rings, bracelets or earrings.  I have the cutest little tinniest, tiniest carrots made to use as baguettes to go around my One Carrot necklace. I will post pics later.

What you’ll need to create your own Carrot jewelry:
  • needle felting needle
  • roving wool (orange and green)
  • jump ring (I used an orange jump ring to match)
  • chain or anything to hang your carrot onto.
  • Styrofoam pad or needle felting pad.
  • If you are making a ring, bracelet or earrings, then you will need the appropriate hardware for that.
Here's how:
  • With your orange color roving wool and your needle felting needle, take a small amount of wool and roll in between the palms of your hand to create a worm like shape. Size is completely a matter of preference and what piece of jewelry you are going to make.
  • Then with a small Styrofoam pad and your felting needle you are going to start to form the shape of a carrot, easily done by starting at the thickest end and narrowing it down to the bottom, making sure to poke it until it is completely felted. 
  • Then with the green roving wool and the needle, add the topper to the carrot by simply poking it into the top of the carrot to join.  
  • *You can add leaves or a vine and use the vine as the necklace part.
  • Then add your jump ring through the middle of the green top and place onto a piece of leather or chain or whatever you choose. 
  • Make a One Carrot piece of jewelry or as many Carrots as you like.  

 This was a post I received from one of our Ravelry members regarding the pattern.

From: KnittingSM
12:09 PM

re: KnittingSM commented on your One Carrot Necklace
Sent at 12:01 PM Today
Brilliantly funny. It was the day before Thanksgiving and they were getting some last minute supplies. They are both in the produce section and he calls out “Baby, do we need some carrots?”
She: “No, we’ve got them.” (not looking up)
He: “Baby, how about we get some carrots?”
She: “Aaron, I already told you we have them!” (still not looking up)
He: “baby, how about a half carrot?”
Finally looks up to see the ring, starts crying. The manager came over worried about what was going on. My brother “We just got engaged in your produce section!!” manager gave them a bouquet of flowers as congrats.
I’ll have to keep the necklace in mind if you post a pattern. I think she’d love one.

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