Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Perfect Paper Doll Keepsake Collection

Perfect Paper Doll Collection
This is a wonderful way to keep your little ones enchanted for hours on end. You can make these wonderful paper doll keepsake boxes and dolls complete with an entire wardrobe and accessories fit for any princess. These paper dolls can be played with, without worrying about paper cuts and little tears. Never have to worry about those little folds getting torn off, because to make these little treasures you will cut them off yourself.  So gather up all your supplies and make your little princess her very own keepsake to past on from generation to generation. 

  1. scissor
  2. printed color or black and white copies of paper dolls. You can either get these from the internet or use old paper dolls from many other resources. Here is a great source for your cut outs. http://alteredartfun.blogspot.com/2009/02/vintage-paperdolls.html
  3. decoupage glue http://www.plaidonline.com/apmp.asp#ModPodgeBrands
  4. a box (Pier 1 is a great resource for unique shaped boxes). http://www.pier1.com/SearchResults/tabid/37/txtSearch/boxes/Search/boxes/List/0/Default.aspx
  5. reusable adhesive The most important part of the whole project. http://www.acecatalog.com/bluestiktrade_reusable_adhesive-pi-27466.html Any brand is fine, just make sure it is OK for age appropriate children.
  6. laminate http://www.epinions.com/review/Avery_Self_Stick_Laminating_Sheets_9_x_12_3_mil_50_Sheets_Box/content_27328194522 (I have my own laminate machine, but you can use the Self Stick Laminating Sheets. They are reasonable in price and work just as well.
  7. brush for use with decoupage, I like to use a sponge brush.Here is the kind I use, they come in different sizes. http://www.woodcrafter.com/rpb11inspongebrushpkg10.aspx     
  8. sealant This is optional, but I love the finished look of this. This is the brand I use. http://www.dickblick.com/products/krylon-triple-thick-crystal-clear-glaze/?wmcp=cj&wmcid=feeds&wmckw=21710-1005-2342&AID=10495307&PID=1609763&SID=tfc_-_11_6_090908_e11deec4d563a3478557f9206308    
  9. brayer http://www.misterart.com/g453/Speedball-Rubber-Brayer.htm

  1. Print out all the paper dolls that you are going to use.
  2. Then before you are ready to laminate them, cut them out, not detailed cutting, but just so that you can fit as many paper dolls on the page as possible. Then you are going to laminate them.
  3. After all the dolls, wardrobe and accessories are all laminated, take a sharp pair of scissors and start cutting each piece out neatly. Make sure that you also cut the little tabs off that you would normally keep on if you were cutting out paper dolls the old fashion way. 
  4. Now with the reusable putty, add some little dabs to the front of your paper doll and then you can start to dress your doll with any outfit your little heart desires. 

  1. Cut out enough paper dolls and accessories as needed to cover the inside and outside of your box.
  2. Now you are going to add a coat of decoupage glue to the portion of the box you are ready to place your paper dolls onto. 
  3. Continue adding all your cutouts leaving the paper doll tabs on this time for the effect. 
  4. When your entire box is covered to your satisfaction, it is now time to completely coat the entire box.
  5. Let dry over night, and then you can add as many coats as you like to give it a sealed, glossy or matte look, depending on the type of Decoupage glue you are going to use. You can also use regular white craft glue, but I suggest you add water to thin it out.
  6. Then when you are sure that every inch of the box is dry, you can seal it with a Sealant. That is optional. I love to add this extra step, I love the look of this.
  7. Now take all your laminated paper dolls and putty and fill up your Decoupaged Paper Doll Keepsake Box.

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