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Why do we need a “POOP” chart?
The more important question is, Why did I need to start a subject on a POOP chart? Why did I have to capitalize the word “POOP” in my post? Life’s unanswered questions.

poop chart

Some POOPY Patterns and other related Poopy things from different designers across the web.

it's a (knitted) poop! by pocket farmer.

CO 6 st. Join to knit in the round. (I used size 7 needles and Plymouth Tweed yarn)
Increase 2 st (8 st total)
Knit around.
Increase 4 st every other row until you have 16 st
Knit 3 rows
Decrease 4 st every other row until you have 8 st
Knit around
Decrease 2 st (6 st remaining)

Take the opportunity to add stuffing before starting the next lobe.

Next row, increase 2 st,
then increase the same way as for the first lobe, except vary slightly by doing more increases,
and/or more plain rows before decreasing.

Knit as many lobes as desired, stuffing as you go.
When you have six st remaining, put yarn on a tapestry needle,
and thread through the stitches.
Happy Poo Pattern
happy poo
Here it is, the Happy Poo pattern. I'm not used to writing down patterns. I'm more accustomed to the Jpns way of using number charts, so my apologies to those who prefer written instructions. If there is anything that seems unclear, please let me know.

sc = single crochet
Work in rounds. It's up to you if you want to join rounds or not
Make adjustable loop. (Here's a link that shows you how : Adjustable Loop)ROUND 1 - 6sc
ROUND 2 - 12sc
ROUND 3 - 18sc
ROUND 4 - 24sc
ROUND 5 - 30sc
ROUND 6 - 36sc
ROUND 7 - 36sc
ROUND 8 - 30sc
ROUND 9 - 24sc
ROUND 10 - 18sc
ROUND 11 - 12sc
ROUND 12 - 18sc
ROUND 13 - 24sc
ROUND 14 - 24sc
ROUND 15 - 24sc
ROUND 16 - 18sc
ROUND 17 - 12sc
ROUND 18 - 6sc
ROUND 19 - 12sc
ROUND 20 - 18sc
ROUND 21 - 12sc
ROUND 22 - 6sc
ROUND 23 - 6scDon't forget to add the stuffing before you're done that top layer. When you're finished leave a tail long enough to cinch up between the layers. Add the face and voila, your very own little Happy Poo! 
This pattern is for personal use only. You cannot use this pattern for profit.
fake human poopy
alt text

 Pop Art Roll of toilet paper toilet paper cozy cover:
I found this on the blog and would like to give her full credit for the pattern. She calls it Pop Art. I call it Pretty Darn Cute! 
Roll of toilet paper cozy cover

Pretty funny, hu?
To make your own TP cozy you'll need:
Gray worsted weight yarn
White Worsted weight yarn
size H crochet hook
yarn needle
How to crochet the roll of toilet paper cozy:
With the gray yarn:
Chain 4 and slip stitch to join
Chain 1
About 15 sc into circle and join
chain 1
single crochet around again, about every 3rd or 4th stitch do a second sc in the same loop. This will increase the size of the circle allowing it to stay flat. Adjust number of stitches as needed to lay flat.
Cut gray yarn and weave in the end.
With the white yarn:
SC around gray circle every few stitches doing two sc in one loop. Join each circle, then chain 1 and repeat until you have a circle the size of your roll of toilet paper. For me this was about 6 rows (circles)
For the side:
Chain 15
Chain 1 and sc into second to last stitch.
SC back into every chain stitch, chain 1, turn and sc back into every stitch. Adjust number of stitches as needed for your roll of toilet paper.
Repeat until you have a strip long enough to go around the entire roll of toilet paper plus a few inches to fall open. For me it was about 20 inches.
Stitch the top to the sides and then join the beginning of the side strip under the falling open end.
Weave in all the ends.
Mr. Poopyhead

poopy-head-father-in-lawShhexy gives a helping hand


poop pants

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