Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grid Rock

Grid Rocks are a rebirth of my “Your Panties Rock”. Just another way to embellish and redo something old to something new. 

  1. "Your Panties Rock" rocks. Pattern here:
  2. Fishnet Stockings
  3. Felting needles *felt puncher (optional)
  4. Roven wool *any color/colors you desire
  5. Scissors
  1. Take your rocks one at a time and slip them into the stocking, making sure to place them all the way down to the foot area if you are making more then a couple of Grid Rocks. After each rock tie the stockings around each individual rock.
  2. When all the rocks are tied and secure, place the stocking filled rocks into your washing machine on the hottest cycle you have, you may need to repeat the wash cycle more then once. When you are satisfied with your results make sure to complete the spin cycle to get all the excess water out.
  3. Cut the rocks out of the stockings, being careful not to cut away the grid. If you only want the grid on one side then pull the grid off the side like least. Use your scissors to trim excess stocking away.
  4. Lay your rocks outside in a sunny are with the concrete for quicker drying power. The cement absorbs the moisture quicker.
  5. When your rocks are completely dry, it is now time to design.
  6. Depending on your design, start off with a small peas size amount of wool and roll between your hands, to create a pea size ball. Then place wool over your first grid square and with felting needle start poking away. Being careful not to poke yourself. They are sharp little boogers.
  7. When you have completed all the squares, take your felting punch and punch away. It makes the wool more secure and stable.
  8. I then take my Grid Rocks and with some liquid soap and hot hot water I soak them in a bowl for an hour or so.
  9. Take your Grid rocks out of bowl and trim the excess wool to refine your squares. You can now press on them to remove the excess water out and then once again repeat Step 4 again.
  10. The options to decorate are endless.


Anonymous said...

saw this on ravelry yesterday- yet another really cool project from ADHD.


Thanks,here is the tutorial.