Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School Orientation

OK get this. Tonight was my twin boy's school orientation, you know open house, slide show, Q&A, standing room only, meet the teachers and of course don't blurt anything out of your mouth that comes into your mind. (That would be just Rand and I) So like I said standing room only, planned our whole day around this meeting. Have all our T's crossed and our I's dotted. I took my meds. at the appropriate time, so that by the time we got there I would be just like a normal parent with their kids there, paying attention (NOT paying attention even on my meds.) just like all the other people in there. My mom and I wanted to ask questions but I behaved ,so as to not embarrass my boy's and or myself. So after about an hour of this standing room only parents asking the same questions over and over. My mom says I'll be right back and leaves the boy's and I in this room while she goes to check something out. Well not less then 10 seconds later do we see my mom poking her head into this friggin crowded room mouthing "We're in the wrong room, this is K-8th grade orientation. No wonder my boy's were the biggest kids there. So of course just as were leaving this room to go next store to the High School orientation we hear everyone clapping and thanking the speaker for all the much needed information for the upcoming school year. So as were trying to go in we are being stampeded by all the other parents and students who managed to get to the correct room and have all their questions answered, while my boy's and I just looked around the room we were in making all kinds of comments, talking under our breathe telling people(under our breath, to stop asking the same darn questions over and over. Look at us were in the friggin wrong room. Well after the room for the HS grades finally emptied out we were able to talk to the speaker and tell him that we are the ADHD family that missed the orientation because we were in the wrong room. I can't believe we missed the entire thing. Oh well, chaulk it up as another day in our ADHD world.


Kenyetta said...

LOL! sounds like something I would do!

adhdknitting said...

Kenyetta, it was so typical of my family. Really it wouldn't of mattered which room we were in. We wouldn't of paid attention even if we wanted too. LOL
Nico graduated today. Yay, we just got home. It's been a crazy week, but a rewarding one. Thank goodness he made it, two more to graduate. Yay. Hugs, Gail