Saturday, June 7, 2008

OK so I skipped a few day's.

I strayed I know. I do have the right to go into a funk. Well anyway, I'm here and I'm winging it. My oldest son is graduating next week. He picked up his cap and gown this week. The little Sh*t(well Big Sh*t) calls me up from picking up his cap and gown and tells me they wouldn't give it to him because he still needed another credit and tells me he has to go to summer school and then hangs up. I call him back immediately with my heart in my throat and I hear him whispering on the phone, Mom I'm just kidding I'm at Mammy's and I tricked her, We wanted to strangle that kid. School wasn't his forte, it was a struggle, but he did manage to pull it off. Mostly due to laziness. He is a great kid (except for that teenage mouth, sometimes) but if the trade off for my kids is OK grades and being a great kid. I'm picking the later. My Dad didn't go past the 8th grade and he retired in his early 30's. Hey all of us aren't school material. The twins made it into High School (yay) they are doing it through virtual home schooling. My mom is basically their teacher. She taught the 4 of us growing up partially through the Calvert Correspondence School. She's awesome and if it weren't for her I know my kids wouldn't have come this far in the school system. So here's to my Mom who is far more then any daughter and grand kids any person could be lucky enough to have. Dad you too, you have been the main male role model in their lives and they love you like a Dad. So too the two of you for being there for me and our kids Thanks forever. Those words don't even come close to how the four of us think and feel for you both. Love ya like you know we do.


Kenyetta said...

Congrats to the big...son!
Parents are the greatest, I am sure your boys appreciate you too!

adhdknitting said...

They do ,I think they will fully appreciate me when they become parents. LOL