Sunday, June 1, 2008

Olivia and Me

Even though I felt like crap pretty much all day. I did have a wonderful breakfast with some of my family members. Really, the only true reason I met up with everyone was to see my new niece Olivia. Can't go anywhere without my camera (when I know I'm gonna see Olivia) I know I sound obsessed with her but she is my newest niece and her face is delicious. So here's a picture of the two of us at breakfast. Now do you understand?
breakfast with some of the familyOlivia sticking her tongue out at her Poppy while Mammy is holding her.


Kenyetta said...

She is adorable! The christening gown is AWESOME!!!!!

adhdknitting said...

Isn't she though.I love the gown too. I had a great time making it.