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US 6 / 4.0 mm US 9
A fruity fun way to display your strawberries.
Here’s the pattern:
Yarn used: Comfort by Berroco 9701 (Cream), 9755 (Red), 9720 (Beige), I also used Green
Needles: US 6 and US 9 Circulars 16” Set of 4 DPN’S US 9
Darning Needle
Extra Novelty Thread or Yarn to embellish the strawberries. I Used Tilli Tomas w/beads.

Hat Pattern:
With US 6 circ. Needles and the cream yarn, CO 80 sts. And join to knit in the round. PM (place marker) Working st st (knit every round when working in the round) Be careful not to twist any sts.
1-10- Knit
11 – Add the red yarn with the cream and K1, Sl1, to the PM
12 – cream only knit even.
13 – red only knit even.
14 – cream knit
15 – red knit
16 – cream knit
17 – red knit
18 – with cream only purl
19 – with red only purl
Now cut the red yarn and using the cream only knit rounds 20-24, cut cream yarn.
Change to larger circular needles and using the beige yarn
25-28 Purl
29-32 Knit
33-34 Purl
35 – Knit
Now Decrease rounds.
36- K8, k2tog to end. (72 sts.)
37-38 Knit
39- K7, K2tog to end (64 sts.)
40-41 Knit
42- K6, K2tog (56 sts.)
43- Knit
44- K5, K2tog to end. (48 sts.)
45- Knit
46- K4, K2tog to end. (40 sts.)
47- Knit
48- K3, K2tog to end. (32 sts.)
49- Knit
50- K2, K2tog. to end. (24 sts.)
51- Knit
Now switch to DPN’s if you haven’t already.
Divide how ever many sts. You have left evenly on three of the needles. (8 sts., 8 sts., 8sts.)
52- K1, K2tog. to the end. (16 sts.)
53- Knit
54- K2tog. to the end. (8 sts.)
55- With your darning needle and the remaining 8 sts.draw through and close the top of the hat. Darn any loose ends in.
Strawberry Pattern (make 2) I added a 3rd strawberry for flavor.
Using the red yarn and US 9 needles
Co 3 sts.
Row 1- Inc. Knit f&b of first st, k1, knit f&b of third st. (5 sts.)
2- Purl
3- K2, kf&b, k2 (6 sts.)
4- Purl
5- Knit f&b next 2 sts., k2, knit f&b last 2 sts. (10 sts.)
6- Purl
7- Inc into 1st st and then every other st to the end. (15 sts)
8- Purl
9- Inc. into EOS (every other st) to end. (23 sts.)
10- Purl
11- Now add the green yarn and knit 1st st green and every 5th st. green.
12- p1 red, p3 green, p2, red, p3 green, p2 red, rep. to last 2 sts p2 green.
Now cut the red yarn.
13- Knit all green across row.
14- Purl
15- K2tog 5 times, k3tog, k2tog 5 times. (11 sts)
16- Purl
17- K2tog 2 times, k3, k2tog to end.
18- P3tog, p1, p3tog.
Now with the 3 remaining sts and 2 of the DPN’s start working your I-cord in green for 6 rows.
Cut green yarn and with the cream yarn cont. working your I-cord for approx. 10”-14” or desired length.
Repeat Strawberry Pattern for other side of hat.
Then mark the sides of the hat that you want them and sew them on…

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