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"Indian River Poncho"

"Indian River Poncho"
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"Indian River Poncho"

This poncho can be knit to any size just by changing the amount of stitches you cast on, and on the amount of rows you choose to knit.
You can use this basic pattern as a guide.

Here's how to knit this super fast and easy poncho:
This poncho is worked in three panels.
1st panel: With US 13 needles and any variegated (preferably hand dyed yarn)
CO-30 sts. wk. for 15" BO
2nd panel: CO 50 sts. wk exactly the same as panel 1.
3rd panel: CO30 sts. rep. as panel 1.

After you have finished all 3 panels you will now seam them up in the same order 1,2,3.
Seaming instructions:
Starting at bottom (pick an end) and on the RS sew panel1 to panel 2 for 12" then leave 8" opening for armhole, then cont. sewing to the end of the panel. Rep. this with the other panel. Sewing panel 3 to panel 2.

Now with the right side facing you, pick up 110 sts. across.
Bottom portion which is the part where you sewed 12" tog.
Work for rows 1-4
Eyelet rows are worked throughout rows 5-7 except on the purl side do everything purlwise.
Row -5 purl
Row -6 knit
Eyelet Row -7 work as follows:
Knit 1, k2tog, yo, k4, k2tog, yo, rep. to end.
Row -8 Knit even.

Top (collar portion)
With wrong side facing you, pick up 110 sts. and work approx. 8"-10" or about 30 rows.
Next you are going to knit the eyelet row as you did for the bottom portion of the poncho.
Knit one row even.
Now you are going to make your fringes. (that's why you knitted the eyelet rows, the fringes will be knotted through each eyelet. I made my fringes longer on the bottom then the top, I also braided some of my fringes on the top (collar) area. Simple and easy and ready to wear.

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